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 Rouletteaid.com reserves the right to unilaterally amend or update these terms and conditions, made through the website, according to the needs and practices. Rouletteaid.com undertakes to inform users of any changes through the website. It’s clarified that changing current terms and conditions excludes transactions which have been already processed.
Web Site Limited Licenses
Rouletteaid.com, under the terms and conditions set forth herein and all applicable laws and regulations, grants you a non-exclusive, transferable, personal, limited right to access, use and display this site and its contents and software.
This license does not transfer title to the website and the information and is subject to the following restrictions:
(1) You must keep all copies of the site and details of all annotations concerning copyright and other proprietary rights and
(2) You can not modify the website or software and the data in any way or reproduce or publicly present, or distribute or otherwise use the Site or software and the information for any public or commercial purpose unless you have been previously received written permission from Rouletteaid.com.
Service Terms Of Use
Before you proceed buying a license of our prediction service please read these Terms carefully since you agree to be bound by these Terms.
You are aged 18 years and older, intelligent, capable of taking responsibility for your own actions.
You act as a master account and not as an intermediary representing a third party.
We do not offer money back guarantees or refunds for our products and services.
We are not responsible to you for any financial or other loss incurred as a result of use of our products and services.
You realize that gambling involves risk and that you may lose money playing roulette or other games of chance. You agree that you are fully responsible for such losses. You agree that in no event, funds which you have lost in gambling, won’t be claimed to be given by Rouletteaid.com.
For whatever incur as a result of use of our products and services, you do not claim any compensation or money reimbursement from Rouletteaid.com.
The licenses of our services are active while Rouletteaid.com operates normally. In case Rouletteaid.com terminates or suspends its operation for any reason or cause, then the licenses of our products, that you have already purchased, are repealed and you do not claim any compensation or refund (partial or total).
You acknowledge and agree that if you conclude defamatory acts or reports in any printed, electronic or other means for products and/or services of Rouletteaid.com, then automatically your account as a member is deleted and the licenses of our products that you have already purchased, are repealed and you do not claim any compensation or refund (partial or total).
You acknowledge and agree that our software might be out of order for some time intervals cause of regular software upgrades by our technicians.
We try to maintain a secure site in front any external attack, security incident or ISP failure, but you must take into account that we can not held the responsibility in case of server down, if for any reason the server goes down; think it will be always for reasons out of our control and unfortunately we can not reward any loss because of this subject.
We are not responsible if the email sent to you with your credentials for the access and transaction details is not delivered to the destination, although we make every effort to ISP (Internet Service Providers) for delivery. The email may end up in spam folder, so please check regularly your spam/junk folder.
The purchase of a temporary license for our software confers the temporary use of our software only during the period of time corresponding to the license.
Only the holder of the payment and the owner’s PC may use the software. The licenses and use of the software are non-transferable to third parties.
Copyrights and Trademark
All website design, text, graphics, software, the selection and arrangements thereof is the property of Rouletteaid.com.
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