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Why should we use your services?
Because it’s a predictive service you won’t find anywhere else. Our A.I. contains special parameters that allow you to read the multiple patterns shown in the game, being constantly learning and adapting to adjust its accuracy we are talking about a really win roulette strategy..
In addition, the predictions are reinforced by progression systems adapted to the figures that ensure our bankroll.
How are you different from the rest with similar services?
Our service is unique, because it makes tailored predictions on the go of each roulette table. 
For its creation, the latest and most modern techniques of statistics and neural networks have been used, as well as the latest in predictive algorithms, resulting in an artificial intelligence that allows you to approach success in your bets safely and sustainably.
We are not offering pre-set chains of results or random results, but real predictions on the go, in real time and adapted every time you make your bets. Our system behaves like an automatic learning machine, which analyzes in real time a great variety of factors in the results of the game. The strength of our system is based on the structure and conception of artificial intelligence that is totally innovative and includes variables that have probably gone unnoticed by roulette scholars and even mathematicians.
What if I am losing money using your system?
The algorithms of our artificial intelligence instantly adapt to any changes in the game and will maintain their profit ratios, but there are times that even if you are sure of the honesty of your casino, it can use some trick to get you out of the game and table. Think that the casino will give you all the facilities for you to bet your money with them, but will try to prevent you from getting it back in full or multiplied.
There are several causes that can influence the game and cause the average hit to be interrupted. If you use very high progressions or bets, the casino will react against you and cause you to lose. Be wary too, when you lose the video image of the roulette or is out of step with the results, or when there are frequent dealer changes. In these cases we recommend that you leave the table and come back another day.
Can your roulette system be used with RNG technology?
RNG technology has been used from the start in automated games, such as slot machines, and the truth is that we are skeptical of its impartiality. We can observe that when we play this type of roulette it is as if our system or our luck is to our favor, it will seem that you win at the beginning, but when you reach a certain level of profit or elapsed game time, the software reveals itself against making you lose gain.
You can use our roulette system with RNG at your own risk, But we believe that the options of winning are greater in the live roulettes, since we play with a croupier through a video in real time, and you can see each step of the game. As we’ve said in the previous answers, even some live roulette may be using tricks to prevent you from winning and recovering your money.
Which casinos do you recommend?
Unlike other websites with similar services, we do not support the advertising of casinos, nor do we receive deferred revenue for recommending them. There is a wide variety of online casinos, where you can choose the one that suits you, preferably on live roulettes.

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