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– Tired of always losing at roulette? 
– Strategies do not work?
– Do you think the casino has all the advantage?
The mathematics that we have applied so far to calculate the chances of winning at roulette, are WRONG.
There is no example or mathematical proof that proves that a successful strategy cannot produce profit. This is so, because we are talking about a game of chance and no one can prove or ensure that you must always lose.
We know that the advantage of the casino is an obvious factor for every roulette player; Because it keeps a good part of its profits. Of course, if this advantage could be nullified, our bets and odds of winning as players would be higher. But we believe that this advantage of the casino, is overrated, it’s too exaggerated. Next, we will show you that it is not the definitive factor that is preventing you from getting up from the casino table, with your pockets full, and does not justify that any player cannot win the roulette with the appropriate strategy. Let’s see:
• According to the usual mathematical approaches, the casino enjoys a 2.7% advantage, which could be similar to a tax we have on our business or company. By setting the analogies, this would mean that you should not make money with your business because you must pay a 2.7% tax. That does not seem very logical.
• In addition, the scientific or mathematical approaches that now rule, overlook any possibility of applying a good strategy to win at roulette. That is, it is wrongly considered that making random bets is the same as following a successful strategy. Nor is the issue of progressions considered … They are saying that it does not matter how you play roulette, you will always lose. They simply avoid incorporating into their equations these important factors that influence the outcome of the game; And are limited to making a rather superficial mathematical evaluation. Since it is almost impossible to assess these factors mathematically, one simply chooses to ignore them.
As you can see, the statistical approach is supported by an incomplete, and therefore erroneous, bases.
If the casino’s advantage is not a crucial factor for the development of the game,  
Why do we lose?
The great difficulty that a player suffers to obtain a profit at roulette is the main reason why the advantage of the casino has become such a popular myth. While it is true that the 2.7% advantage that the casino has, plays against us. We can overcome this obstacle with the right tools, like with a good strategy, progressions, and NOW … also with the win roulette strategy of our Advanced Artificial Intelligence.
We have created an indispensable tool for countering the casino’s advantage definitely.
Until now, professional, or more methodical players who used strategies and progressions, were exposed to significant losing streaks.
And what is this due to?
It is due to extreme fluctuations in roulette results, which produce crazy spinning sequences, which differ from the normal distribution chart.
The roulette produces infernal spins, but if you use Roulette Aid, you can overcome the disadvantage generated by these extreme fluctuations.
Our Advanced Artificial Intelligence instantly corrects any deviation, recognizing each new spin pattern.
See the advantages offered by Roulette Aid:
– Availability of different licenses and duration to suit your needs. From 1 day to 6 months uninterruptedly. (See differences between our services)
– Our service detects instantly any pattern in the roulette results.
– You will have the possibility to play the figures you like best: Reds-Blacks, High-Low, Dozens, Columns…
– You will enjoy an intelligent service, of progressions adapted to your playing style.
Since the advantage of the casino is a factor that we intend to void, our services only focus on the European live roulette, with a single “0”, since American roulettes or double “00” have a 5.3% Advantage for the casino, the reason we have opted to reject this option in our services.
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