A.I. software destroyed casino advantage

Looking to beat the odds at online roulette?

A true A.I. software can really detect patterns and learn the real game. Until now the player has had to face casinos and gambling houses at a clear disadvantage. But nowadays A.I. and machine learning are landing in almost every field of our lives, and of course in gambling.

It does not seem normal, that more initiatives in favor of players are not yet shown until now, in the form of applications or software that allow you to play face to face in an online casino. But some new A.I. software is already changing the rules …

In fact, almost all online games use their own algorithms to protect themselves from winning from players.

But an AI could minimize the difference between the intelligence and status of casinos and gamblers, since AI has a very advanced architecture to counteract the algorithms of some online games, and also allows to detect patterns in live games, which would be hard to find out with the naked eye.

What Is Rouletteaid A.I. Software?

Roulette Aid is a machine learning, that prosses data in real-time and at incredible speed, detecting any roulette pattern (bias). As far as we know, there is no such win roulette strategy service on the web.

How Does It Works?

Whenever you play a pattern with any figures we can bet on, Roulette Aid detects it, Roulette Aid allows you to implement any strategy you prefer, exponentially increasing your chances of success.

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